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Modern Kitchen Remodel Ideas With an Island

Are you considering a kitchen remodel? One popular and practical option to consider is adding an island. Kitchen islands not only provide additional storage and counter space but also add a stylish focal point to the room.

Whether you have a large or small kitchen, there are several creative ways to incorporate an island into your remodeling plans. Here are some kitchen remodel ideas to help you make the most of your new space with an island.

Idea #1: Open Concept Layout

If you have a large kitchen and want to create an open and airy feel, consider an island that connects the kitchen and the adjacent living space.

This type of island serves as a transitional element, allowing you to cook and prepare meals while still interacting with family or guests in the living area.

To enhance the visual appeal, choose a countertop material and color that complements the rest of the kitchen but blends seamlessly with the living area as well.

Idea #2: Double-Tiered Island

To maximize functionality and provide a defined separation between cooking and dining areas, consider a double-tiered island.

In a double-tiered island, the lower tier can be used for storage with cabinets and drawers, while the higher tier can serve as a designated seating or dining space.

This creative and functional design helps eliminate the need for a separate dining table, making the kitchen a hub for family meals and entertaining.

Idea #3: Sink or Cooktop in the Island

Incorporate a sink or cooktop into your new kitchen island for added convenience and efficiency.

Placing these elements in the island provides an opportunity to interact with others while preparing food. It also eliminates the need to turn your back to the room while cooking or doing dishes, allowing for better engagement with family or guests.

You can also consider having your primary kitchen sink in one location and a second sink in the island for additional function and efficiency, especially if more than one person uses the kitchen at a time.

Idea #4: Wrap-Around Island

If you have a larger kitchen space, consider a wrap-around island that offers additional counter space and storage.

This type of island encircles the cooking area, allowing for easy access to utensils, appliances, and ingredients while preparing meals.

It also creates a natural flow within the kitchen, making it an excellent choice for those who love to entertain or have multiple cooks in the household.

Idea #5: Portable Island

Don’t have the space for a built-in island? No problem! A portable island can be a great alternative whether you’re short on space or can’t decide where to place a permanent island.

These mobile islands come with wheels, allowing for easy transportation and storage when not in use. They’re available in various sizes and styles and can be easily moved around the kitchen to accommodate different needs, functions, or occasions.

Idea #6: Open Shelves and Display Areas

Consider incorporating open shelves or display areas into your kitchen island. This allows you to showcase your favorite cookbooks, decorative items, or even a prized dishware collection.

Open shelving on an island adds a personal touch to the kitchen while providing functional storage space for your favorite items.

Explore More Kitchen Island Ideas With Us & Make Your Kitchen Your Dream Kitchen

With the right design and layout, a kitchen island can become the heart of your home, providing a gathering place for family and friends. Incorporate one or more of these kitchen remodel ideas with an island and transform your kitchen into a dream space for cooking, dining, and entertaining. Contact Loudoun County Kitchen Bath Basement & More for a free design consultation to get started!

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